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(for West Denton | Brunswick Village)

We're getting people cooking and loving food in West Denton and Brunswick Village with this project funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority SPF Fund.

We'll be looking for local people to join our team of volunteers to support us in delivering community cookery courses and cook-at-home Recipe Kits

Everything is happening until March 2025, check out what's on and get involved!


Cookery Courses

Cookery courses are taking place at Holy Spirit Chruch in West Denton and with Families First in Brunswick Village.

Dates of courses are coming soon and will be available to book here!

Cook at Home Kits

These are our Recipe Kits that give you the exact ingredients you need to cook up one of our recipes - with helpful tips and recipe videos that you can follow at home.

We'll have free kits available from July that you can register for here.

Pick-up locations and dates will be listed here

a meal kit box.jpg

Become a Nourish Volunteer

We're welcoming local people to join our team of volunteers to help out at the cookery classes and to help us build up the recipe kits - as well as anyone who can help us film our recipe videos.

Further details will be here soon.

If you are interested in volunteering with us then visit the volunteering page here

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