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Our food experiences for businesses can take place in any workplace and give you an opportunity to: implement health at work initiatives, up-skill your teams to make good food choices for their overall health and wellbeing; or as a great team building activity.

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Get your team cooking together on their breaks.

On our 30 minute Cook & Eat Break workshops we'll pop-up in any space at your workplace and host a quick cookery class that will give staff an opportunity to learn a new cooking skill whilst sharing the joy and importance of cooking from scratch and a few messages around good food choices.

It's a fun activity great for day-to-day team building, to fit in with a theme in the workplace that day and nice way to break up the workday. Plus everyone gets a tasty lunch for snack that they've made themselves!

Choose from a one-off event, hold a number of classes throughout a day, or turn it into a cookery course with regular weekly classes.

Starting from £150/event



Inspire your team to try new foods and get new recipe ideas for healthy lifestyles at work and home

Our Cookery Demonstration Station typically includes:

- a live cookery demonstration either as a drop-in or time scheduled showcasw

a selection of pre-made tasters as well

- and a selection of recipe cards for staff to take home

- any addd-ons you like (like 'Take Home Recipe Kits')


We'll pop up in pretty much any space with our portable equipment and make sure everyone gets a taste and a chance to ask our team all their food, cooking and nutrition questions.


These events last from 1 - 4 hours depending on your workplace requests.


Starting from £300/event 

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In partnership with the Jamie Oliver company we are able to bring the 'Jamie's Ministry of Food' Cookery Course into your workplace.

The course consists of 8 x 1hour cookery classes where people build skills and confidence from one week to the next. Recipes range from soups, curries, pasta dishes, breakfast classics and more.

We can pop up in any space with our portable cookery equipment so all you need to do is sign up a group of people (numbers depend on the size of the space you have available)

Starting from £150/class

Bright Idea


Are you looking to bring a different food event or team building experience into your workplace or want a larger event at a venue near your workplace?

We can work with you to plan cookery events for larger teams or as an add on to conferences or events you are hosting.

Let us know your thoughts and we'll design a bespoke event just for you.

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