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Cookery classes that pop up in your school, usually in a school hall, for between 10 and 30 children per class. Typically classes last 1.5 hours and involve pupils working in small groups to follow step-by-step instructions from the Food School team. We always cater our classes around what you as a school want it to achieve - that might be to fit into your Healthy School agenda, as a chance to give life skills, a link into a curriculum topic, or even an opportunity to encourage team work and communication.

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Live cooking right there in your assembly.

Each assembly will include a small number of students acting as our sous chefs, whilst the remaining students vote on ingredients (in line with good food choices) to be added to the recipe.

The students will have written their own recipe which is then written into a recipe card to be shared with other classes and taken home to share with their friends and families.

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Do you have another idea for How you can incorporate food education into your school day or special event?Get in touch and we’ll come up with a great bespoke event just for you

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